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Life by Original -「一直.心動」| The Pulse Ever

Life by Original 是Original Technology, Apple Premium Reseller的另一品牌,Life 是銷售「生活・時尚・Gadget」的專門店 (Lifestyle Technology Products Store),Life by Original 所銷售的產品圍繞著每一個人生命中四個重要的需要-「健康」、「起居」、「玩樂」及「生活拍攝」。

脈搏帶動生物的心跳及情緒,Life by Original 透過滿足生活不同需要及多元化的有趣電子產品,吸引你的眼球,重新定義「生活」及「科技」的概念,讓你感受各式創意電子產品給你「一直.心動」的感覺。

“Life by Original” is a new brand of Original Technology, Apple Premium Reseller. Life is a digital specialty store which focuses lifestyle technology products in four aspects of human life - Health, Living, Fun and Shooting.

Pulse, which stimulates every living creature's heartbeat and emotion by seeing something that catches their eyes; Life by Original aims to touch your life with wide variety of interesting products which would give you "The Pulse Ever".

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